Thursday, September 16, 2010

Miscellaneous Whatevers

Thank goodness we only have a couple more months of nasty political ads to endure before the November elections. I would love to know what each candidate proposes to DO. Instead - they are telling us why we shouldn't vote for their opponent. Many years ago I was told that if you spend too much time trying to put everyone down - you're just making yourself look small! I really wonder if each of these candidates just don't have anything good to say about themselves?!?!

Y'all should have been in our front yard about 3 o'clock this morning! We had the great armadillo attack. Somehow, Dixie and Rascal heard something outside that woke them up - and the barking competition began. Both fuzzy faced kids raced to the door and dang near removed it from the hinges before I could get there and get it open. I was sure there was no danger. Had it been a mass murderer, they would have been wagging their tails and dancing around like they were waiting for Santa! Anyhow - once out the door, they both zeroed in on that armored critter - in a total frenzy! The armadillo just rolled up in a ball and did nothing. The attack dogs went at it from every possible direction . . . . and got no results at all. The armored ball didn't move at all - the dogs barked, whined, pawed, tried to bite, sniffed and poked to no avail. I had to go into the house and get leashes to round up the dogs and drag them back into the house. Ah, yes - the leisurely, retired life in Florida!

Do you follow Pioneer Woman? I must admit that I have become addicted to her blog. From her discussions of Charlie the basset hound to her anguish over her children growing up too quickly, I find that I can relate to a lot of what she's going through. I must admit - I don't have a zillion acre cattle ranch, nor do I have the big bucks that obviously come along with said ranch - but somehow she still manages to get through to me. Maybe it's the chocolate!

I saw reports on the local news yesterday that crimes are down all over the place. Why, then, does it seem like there is nothing but crime and tragedy on the news day in and day out? Are we just too connected these days? Have things always been this bad . . . we just hear more about it?

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY! A family had their 6 month old puppy disappear from their back yard seven years ago. They put up signs, ran an ad in the paper, called the animal shelters, etc. and never found the puppy. Last week, they received a call from a shelter over 400 miles away. A dog had come into the shelter - and the microchip in his shoulder led back to that family! The next morning, the family loaded up and went to pick up the missing family member - who by all accounts seems to remember them. No one knows where he has been for all this time, but he has settled in back home as if he had never been gone!


  1. What a great post! I agree on all fronts...

    And I love the lost puppy story. :)

    Have a wonderful day. :)

  2. I loved the puppy story too, but I must share an armadillo story. My husband came to married life 48 years ago with a desiccated armadillo shell, a prize from a childhood trip. After 3 years of marriage, we were cleaning out the house before moving. He decided the old armadillo had to go, because some insect life had taken up residence in the carcass. We called someone to haul our junk away. One of the guys spotted the armadillo and took it into the cab of the truck. He said, "This rides up front with me."

  3. Grannie,

    Jonathan/Andrew is back at 4th Avenue!


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